I have always believed that supernatural events happen in the midst of our everyday lives. We just need to open our spiritual eyes and be ready to receive our gift with an open heart and a mind renewed in faith. Julia and I experienced many supernatural moments as we worked on this book together. One moment I have to share is Isabel's prayer for this book. Isabel is Julia's daughter who was twelve at the time this occured. One evening as Julia and I were diligently working on the book, we stopped and prayed for guidance and direction. Isabel was sitting nearby on the floor reading as we prayed. When we finished our prayers Isabel stood up and came over to Julia. As she hugged her mother, she whispered, "I was praying too." Julia told me what she had shyly said. I asked Isabel to please pray for her mother and me. I told her she was one of the reasons we wanted to do this book. "Okay," she simply said. The three of us joined hands right there in the kitchen over all our papers, computers, and half empty coffee cups, and Isabel very quietly and confidently prayed: 

"GOD, please take these two women's talents and mingle them
together in harmony so that this book will be a masterpiece for Your glory."

Stunned and in awe of her precious prayer, I immediately wrote it down. Julia and I, with tears in our eyes, reverently continued to work on the illustrations and scriptures. It is in that spirit we present to you this book. May the gift of blessing fill the moments of your everyday life and may you not miss it. 

- Nancy